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FTP/Email Files

Sending large attachments through email can be problematic. Some corporate email servers do not allow email attachments to guard against possible viruses, or an outgoing server may have a limit on the size of an attachment. Sometimes the limit of an attachment may be as low as a 2 mg file. Therefore, FTP may be the only option to sending your files electronically. FTP is also a much faster way to send files than through email.

File Compression
Please be sure to compress your files into one folder before sending via ftp. Their are many software applications available for file compression. One of the more popular is Stuffit.

Once you have uploaded your files, please send email or call us so that we know your files have completely uploaded and are on our server.

Emailing Files
When sending an email you can also attach a file. Compressing your files into one folder is again recommended. Please be sure to keep the size of your file below 10 megabytes when emailing. Send email attachments to info@premediapros.com


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